What drew you to your career?

I love the cross-functional space of psychology, curiosity, business, and technical that product design works in. I like understanding people and helping them achieve their goals while having an impact on the business. Like in my personal style I enjoy finding harmony in the tension between a product that is feasible, viable, and desirable.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Listening to human interest stories, Freakonomics radio, user research, reading about the philosophy undergirding other disciplines and practitioners. Inspiration often finds me in unusual places and times. I’m actually not a big follower or reader of pure product design materials.

Be a micro-pessimist and a macro-optimist.

Which team qualities do you value most?

The ability to jam on a problem together. Throwing out ideas, having lively and open discussions. I need people to tell me where I’m not thinking well, or where I’ve missed something. Together we can understand the problem better and arrive at a better solution.

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What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Work: I remember at a previous job where I was trying to communicate the value of design (Research, UX, Visual) to the CEO and it just wasn’t landing. I had an honest talk with the CTO and he eviscerated my presentation as being focused on design and not what the outcome was for the company. We worked through several iterations and the final outcome really taught me how to communicate the impact design has on a company for non-designers. If I had to pick one bit of advice I was given it would be “Focus on the outcome for the company. Sometimes that means letting go of things you hold dear, like wanting to tweak ____ or evolve _____, if the impact won’t drive company goals. Sometimes the impact is there but you have to figure out how to communicate it and get buy in.”

Personal & Work: Be the first one to admit fault. We all make mistakes so recognize them and figure out how to improve. Be a micro-pessimist and a macro-optimist.

How would you describe your personal style?

Interior design: Hollywood regency meets boho chic. I like harmonious contrast, whether that is texture, hue, or saturation.
Clothing: Elevated casual. Comfortable with a bit of flair.