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A pair of hands places folded clothes in a Stitch Fix box against a studio grey background.
An illustration representing our clients giving styles thumbs up and down so we can learn their style.

Client-facing experiences

We all want to look and feel our best. But it’s not easy to find clothes that capture your one-of-a-kind style and fit. We live in a world where shopping offers too much choice—especially online, where navigating possibilities is more overwhelming than ever.

At Stitch Fix, we’re building a better way—a way where shopping feels like it was designed just for you. Because in each facet of our process—from elevating the human touch of our stylists, to incorporating the precision of advanced data models, to building inclusivity into the bedrock of our experience—it was. That’s the work we do every day.

An aerial shot of a woman in a fun concert t-shirt and Stitch Fix lanyard pulls a cart of empty product bins across our Atlanta warehouse

An employee at our Atlanta warehouse moving bins used to collect items for Fixes. This process is made easier and more efficient by our expert use products.

Expert tooling

As an internal operations team, we design tools for our partners in Styling, Operations, Merchandising and CX to help make personalization possible. Our work solves problems of interfaces, logistics, logic and relevance. We’re an industry leader in designing for algorithmically-assisted flows.

By developing tools that support all of our teams, we help Stitch Fix focus on providing millions of clients with a personalized  experience—an experience powerfully tailored just for them.

An illustration demonstrating some of the scenarios our expert use team designs for including: merchandising, fulfillment, and warehouse processes.
Editorial image depicting two Stitch Fix stylists helping a Mens client try on an outfit against a burnt orange background.

Whether our clients or internal users, our design principles center the people who use our products.

An illustration of a person considering the full client journey from initial curiosity, through fulfillment and delight.

UX research

People are at the core of our business. Our research team proves it: We listen, evaluate, iterate and investigate at every step of the Stitch Fix journey. We constantly look for the right questions—the more inclusive big picture—to ensure the intent of our work comes through for everyone.

Our aim is to make room for all perspectives to be considered. Because we aren’t in this for the graphs and numbers—we’re here for the insights that can help real people look and feel their best.

Team Spotlights

We are bright, kind, and 
motivated by challenge.